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The secret is in the ...

All Natural
Gluten Free

. . . the care and love that goes into every jar. We do not keep our secret ingredient secret at all. We are passionate about our mustard and this passion can be tasted in every delicious serving.

Three Monkeys Mustard single jar


3 Monkeys Mustard is the perfect blend of sweet & spicy. It adds a boost to any dipping foods or recipes. Made with All Natural ingredients and is gluten-free! It's a welcome addition to any kitchen or pantry.

$6.50 + S&H


Three Monkeys Mustard case of 12


Whether you are stocking up for yourself, or looking to become the FAVORITE gift-giver of everyone on your list, a case of 3 Monkeys Mustard can get you set! Spread the MadMonkeyMustardLove!

$78 + S&H


Three Monkeys T-Shirt


By popular demand, 3 Monkeys T-Shirts will be available soon! New photos will be uploaded ASAP and yes, they will be better than this one! Once you get yours, you will never look more stylish and cool than when you are showcasing your 3 Monkeys Mustard T-Shirt. Join the 3 Monkey Mustard Movement!

$17.95 + S&H


We've All Been There!

Like many things in nature, separation sometimes occurs over time. The natural ingredients in 3 Monkeys Mustard may separate when stored. Just give it a stir or a shake and let the feast begin!

Ordering 3 Monkeys Mustard is easy!

If you live in central NJ, Martha's Vineyard, or Hilton Head, simply visit one of the fine establishments shown on our homepage. If these locations are not convenient, just email us at Please specify the amount of jars you would like at $6.50 per jar and include your mailing address and your phone number. I will email you back with a shipping charge estimate and we can confirm when you would like your order sent!

Interested in wholesale ordering?

We are always looking for places to get 3 Monkeys Mustard onto the shelves. If you are a store or distributor looking to add the world's greatest mustard to your product line, please email